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Below are resources for searching and applying to jobs and internships.


For most students graduating in May, your job search will begin around Spring Break. Certain industries, such as Business, have a fall recruiting timeline, so be sure to meet with you Career Advisor to ensure you begin your search on time.

All applications will require a resume and we strongly encourage you to always include a cover letter as well. A reference List will also be required, but those are not typically shared until you are in the interview process.

Even though your job search may not begin until the spring, Seniors can use the fall semester to polish a resume, update LinkedIn, or build an online portfolio (typical for the creative fields). Time can also be spent networking and conducting informational interviews.

Applying to positions you are qualified for with strong documents is critical for success.

Meet with your Career Advisor to make sure your documents are strong and always pay close attention to the qualifications on a job description to make sure you meet each one that is required.

Always read this section carefully on each job posting. If you don’t meet the items that the highlight as required, then don’t apply.

Below is a link to our recommend job search engines. CollegeGrad also has tips and a job search engine.

We recommend always Including a cover letter regardless off whether it is requested.

Always make sure to thoroughly review the job description in the posting and make sure you have the skills and experience they are seeking.

Apply to multiple jobs (only ones you are qualified for!). While there is no specific number of jobs you should be applying to, you want to make sure you are dedicating a significant amount of your time to searching and applying.

Consider using a job tracker to keep track of your applications.

Be patient! A job search is a process that can take weeks to months. And remember, your Career Advisor is available to support your search if you are feeling stuck.


Searching and applying to an internship is identical to a job search. Make sure to review the information under Job Search for tips on searching and applying.

Each Academic Department will have their specific requirements on what qualifies as an internship. Make sure you are aware of the type of internship that would qualify for your major.

In order to fulfill the College’s internship requirement, you must enroll in the internship course required by your major at the time you are completing your internship.

Internship courses are typically taken in the Junior or Senior year.

If you are interested in an early internship, consider taking the 0 credit, free Independent Internship Course INT-1010.

For a Spring Internship: start applying in September-October

For a Summer Internship: start applying in January-February

For a Fall Internship: start applying in March-April

All internship applications will require a Resume & Cover Letter.

Before you begin to apply, we recommend having your Career Advisor review your resume and cover letter.

Once you are ready to start your search, use the recommend internship resources below.

Always make sure to read through the internship description to make sure you meet the minimum qualifications.

In addition to using search engines, also go directly to company websites and look for their “careers” section.

Make sure to attend career events on and off campus.

Use your network & make new connections

Talk to your professors, family, friends, supervisors, advisors, and mentors.

If your search is stalled, don’t wait to get support. Make an appointment to receive additional support.


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