Faculty Partnership

The McCafferty Career Center supports faculty both inside and outside of the classroom. From class presentations, to event-coordination, the McCafferty Career Center is available to meet the needs of each individual faculty member.

The McCafferty Career Center is here to support faculty teaching internship courses. We partner with faculty to collect internship site information, troubleshoot internship issues, connect students to internship opportunities, and more.  

HireSaints is the central data collection tool for student internship information. Collecting site information allow the McCafferty Career Center to provide current and historical internship information to Institutional Research + Planning, Academic Affairs, Admission, and Academic Departments. Collecting this information is a priority for the McCafferty Career Center and we appreciate faculty support in encouraging students to submit their information.

Students can locate the Internship Form in the top right corner of CareerConnect.

Faculty teaching internship courses are able to view and approve their student’s current internship information using the button below. Faculty interested in historical internship information should email CareerCenter@Emmanuel.edu.

Once a student submits an Internship Form, faculty will receive an email alert notifying them of a form ready for approval. Faculty can also locate a student’s pending Internship Form under the the menu option “Exp. Learning” from the homepage of HireSaints.

Once the Internship Form is approved, students will have access to the Track Hours feature. While this is not a requirement, many faculty find this feature helpful in tracking student hours.

The Career Communities section of CareerConnect include major-specific job and internship boards, professional associations, examples of places students have interned, and more. For more specific resources by major, select one of the career communities below, or from the menu at the top of the homepage.

CareerConnect has a page dedicated to providing internship search resources to students.

Career Advisors are available to support faculty with a variety of in-class presentations, activities, or individualized student support.

Career Research
Demystifying Networking
From the Interview to the Offer
Graduate School Planning
Internship Success
Informational Interviews
Job or Internship Search Strategy
Transitioning from Student to Professional

…and more

Hiring Manager Activity
MBTI Activity
LinkedIn Workshop
Individual Resume Reviews
Interview Demonstration

The McCafferty Career Center can partner with you to coordinate event times to coincide with your class so that your class time can be used to attend the event.

The McCafferty Career Center can coordinate with you to provide students with LinkedIn photos. 

Are you interested in bringing in industry experts to your class? The Employer Engagement Team can help you to  recruit employers to speak to your students. 

The McCafferty Career Center is open to partnering with you to cover the fees associated with professional activities. Some examples may include conference attendance, case competition fees, and more.

The McCafferty Career Center takes attendance at all events. If you require students to attend any of our events, we can provide you with an attendance list.

All on-campus jobs, including research positions, are required to be posted in HireSaints. If you have never posted a position in HireSaints, please contact the Employer Engagement Team. If you already have a HireSaints, account, use the button below to post your positions.


HireSaints Jobs & Internships

Below are job and internship highlights from HireSaints. To view all positions, click “see all jobs” below.

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