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This Career Community is intended for students interested in careers within the science, research and health care fields. Students with majors in Biology, Biostatistics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, Neuroscience and Nursing are in this community.

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Laboratory Technician (Entry Level): Assists in conducting experiments, maintaining lab equipment, and recording data in research or clinical laboratories.

Research Assistant (Biology): Provides support to research scientists by collecting and analyzing data, preparing samples, and conducting experiments.

Quality Control Technician (Entry Level): Performs quality control tests and inspections on products, often in pharmaceutical or biotech companies.

Environmental Technician (Entry Level): Assists in environmental monitoring, sampling, and data collection to assess the impact of various factors on ecosystems.

Wildlife Biologist Assistant (Entry Level): Supports wildlife biologists in fieldwork, data collection, and wildlife conservation efforts.

Biotechnology Technician (Entry Level): Works in biotechnology companies to assist in the production and testing of biopharmaceuticals or genetic materials.

Microbiology Laboratory Assistant (Entry Level): Assists in microbiology research or clinical labs by preparing cultures, conducting tests, and maintaining lab hygiene.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician (Entry Level): Participates in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, including drug formulation and quality control.

Cytotechnologist Assistant (Entry Level): Aids cytotechnologists in preparing and analyzing cell samples for signs of disease or abnormalities.

Aquarist Assistant (Entry Level): Assists in the care and maintenance of aquatic animals and exhibits in aquariums and marine facilities.

Forestry Technician (Entry Level): Supports forestry professionals in activities such as tree planting, forest management, and data collection.

Zookeeper Assistant (Entry Level): Helps care for animals in zoos, including feeding, cleaning enclosures, and assisting with enrichment activities.

Clinical Research Coordinator (Entry Level): Assists in the coordination and administration of clinical research trials in healthcare and pharmaceutical settings.

Botanical Garden Assistant (Entry Level): Participates in the maintenance of botanical gardens, including plant care and visitor education.

Epidemiology Assistant (Entry Level): Supports epidemiologists in tracking and analyzing disease outbreaks and public health data.

Conservation Technician (Entry Level): Works with conservation organizations to restore and protect natural habitats and biodiversity.

Ecology Field Assistant (Entry Level): Aids ecologists in field research, including data collection on ecosystems and wildlife.

Biological Science Technician (Entry Level): Performs various tasks in biology-related research projects, including sample preparation and data entry.

Genetics Laboratory Assistant (Entry Level): Assists in genetic research labs by preparing samples, conducting genetic tests, and maintaining lab equipment.

Biological Data Analyst (Entry Level): Focuses on analyzing biological data sets and assisting in research-related data analysis.

Herpetologist Assistant (Entry Level): Supports herpetologists in the study of reptiles and amphibians, including field surveys and data recording.

Wetland Biologist Technician (Entry Level): Assists wetland biologists in wetland assessments, surveys, and habitat restoration projects.

Biostatistician (Entry Level): Supports data analysis for research studies in fields such as epidemiology, clinical trials, or public health.

Statistical Analyst (Biostatistics): Assists in statistical analysis, data management, and reporting for health-related research projects.

Research Assistant (Biostatistics): Provides support to biostatisticians and researchers in data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

Clinical Data Coordinator (Entry Level): Assists in collecting, managing, and analyzing clinical trial data for research or pharmaceutical companies.

Public Health Analyst (Entry Level): Participates in public health research projects, data collection, and statistical analysis.

Epidemiology Assistant (Entry Level): Aids epidemiologists in tracking disease patterns, collecting data, and conducting statistical analysis.

Data Analyst (Biostatistics): Analyzes healthcare or research data to generate insights and support decision-making in health-related fields.

Biostatistics Intern: An internship position that offers exposure to biostatistics techniques and data analysis in a real-world setting.

Biostatistical Programmer (Entry Level): Assists in programming and coding for data analysis in clinical trials or research studies.

Health Data Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes healthcare data to identify trends, outcomes, and opportunities for improvement in patient care.

Research Coordinator (Biostatistics): Supports research projects by coordinating data collection, study participants, and data management.

Clinical Research Assistant (Biostatistics): Assists in clinical research studies by collecting and analyzing data, maintaining records, and ensuring compliance.

Health Informatics Specialist (Entry Level): Focuses on health data management and analysis, often in healthcare organizations or research institutions.

Biostatistical Research Associate (Entry Level): Conducts research and statistical analysis in collaboration with senior biostatisticians.

Biostatistical Consultant (Entry Level): Provides consulting services in statistical analysis and data interpretation for healthcare or research projects.

Healthcare Research Coordinator (Entry Level): Coordinates research studies in healthcare settings, including data collection and analysis.

Outcomes Research Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes healthcare outcomes data to assess the effectiveness of treatments and interventions.

Biostatistics Technician (Entry Level): Assists in statistical analysis and data management tasks in research or healthcare settings.

Infection Control Analyst (Entry Level): Supports infection control and epidemiological efforts in healthcare facilities, including data analysis.

Biostatistics Support Specialist (Entry Level): Provides technical and administrative support to biostatistics teams.

Environmental Health Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes environmental health data and assesses the impact on public health.

Public Health Data Technician (Entry Level): Assists in data collection, management, and analysis for public health programs.

Biostatistical Reporting Specialist (Entry Level): Focuses on generating reports and summaries of statistical findings for research or healthcare projects.

Bioprocess Technician (Entry Level): Participates in the production of biopharmaceuticals, including fermentation, cell culture, and purification processes.

Quality Control Technician (Biotechnology): Conducts quality control tests on biotech products to ensure they meet quality standards.

Research Assistant (Biotechnology): Provides support to research scientists by conducting experiments, analyzing data, and maintaining lab equipment.

Biotechnology Manufacturing Associate (Entry Level): Works in biotech manufacturing facilities to help produce biopharmaceuticals or genetic materials.

Biotechnology Production Technician (Entry Level): Assists in the production and testing of biotechnology products and materials.

Bioprocess Development Associate (Entry Level): Supports the development and optimization of bioprocesses for product manufacturing.

Biotechnology Quality Assurance Assistant (Entry Level): Assists in ensuring product quality and compliance with regulatory standards.

Cell Culture Technician (Entry Level): Cultivates and maintains cells for research and production purposes, often in the context of cell therapy or vaccine development.

Molecular Biology Laboratory Assistant (Entry Level): Aids in molecular biology research by conducting DNA/RNA extractions, PCR, and gel electrophoresis.

Biotechnology Research Associate (Entry Level): Conducts experiments and research activities in a biotech lab, often under the guidance of senior scientists.

Biomanufacturing Operator (Entry Level): Operates equipment and monitors bioproduction processes in manufacturing facilities.

Biotechnology Quality Control Analyst (Entry Level): Performs quality control tests and inspections on biotech products and materials.

Biotechnology Technician Trainee: Part of a training program to develop skills in various biotech processes and techniques.

Biotechnology Product Support Specialist (Entry Level): Provides technical support to customers or clients using biotech products.

Bioinformatics Technician (Entry Level): Assists in analyzing and managing biological data using bioinformatics tools and software.

Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs Assistant (Entry Level): Supports regulatory affairs professionals in compliance and documentation tasks.

Microbiology Laboratory Assistant (Biotechnology): Assists in microbiological testing and research within a biotech or pharmaceutical lab.

Biotechnology Process Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes and improves bioproduction processes for efficiency and quality.

Cell Therapy Technician (Entry Level): Supports the development and manufacturing of cell-based therapies.

Biotechnology Manufacturing Technician Trainee: Part of a training program to learn the fundamentals of biotech manufacturing.

Biotechnology Research Technician (Entry Level): Conducts research experiments, maintains lab equipment, and assists with data analysis.

Biotechnology Inventory Coordinator (Entry Level): Manages inventory and supplies in a biotech laboratory or production facility.

Biotechnology Field Service Technician (Entry Level): Provides maintenance and technical support for biotech equipment and instruments.

Biotechnology Laboratory Assistant (Entry Level): Performs basic lab tasks, including cleaning, organizing, and assisting in experiments.

Laboratory Technician (Entry Level): Conducts experiments, prepares samples, and assists in data collection and analysis in a laboratory setting.

Chemical Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes chemical substances and materials, often in quality control or research and development labs.

Quality Control Technician (Chemistry): Performs quality control tests and inspections to ensure that chemical products meet quality standards.

Research Assistant (Chemistry): Supports chemists and researchers in conducting experiments, recording data, and maintaining lab equipment.

Chemical Technician (Entry Level): Assists in chemical processes, manufacturing, and testing, especially in industries like pharmaceuticals or chemicals.

Analytical Chemist (Entry Level): Focuses on analyzing and testing chemical compounds using various analytical techniques.

Environmental Technician (Entry Level): Conducts environmental testing and sampling to assess the impact of chemicals on the environment.

Quality Assurance Technician (Chemistry): Helps ensure product quality and compliance with industry regulations.

Process Operator (Entry Level): Operates chemical manufacturing equipment and monitors production processes.

Chemical Manufacturing Technician (Entry Level): Assists in chemical production, batch processing, and safety procedures.

Laboratory Analyst (Entry Level): Performs chemical and physical testing of samples in a lab environment.

Chemical Research Associate (Entry Level): Supports research activities by conducting experiments, literature reviews, and data analysis.

Chemical Inventory Coordinator (Entry Level): Manages chemical inventory, including storage, tracking, and disposal.

Polymer Chemist (Entry Level): Works with polymers and plastics, often in research and development roles.

Water Quality Technician (Entry Level): Conducts tests and assessments of water quality for environmental or industrial purposes.

Chemical Sales Representative (Entry Level): Promotes and sells chemical products to potential customers.

R&D Technician (Entry Level): Assists in research and development projects, including product testing and documentation.

Chemical Safety Specialist (Entry Level): Focuses on safety protocols, hazard assessment, and compliance in chemical environments.

Chemical Plant Operator Trainee: Part of a training program to learn the operations of chemical plants and processes.

Surface Chemist (Entry Level): Specializes in the study of surface properties of materials, often used in materials science.

Adhesives Chemist (Entry Level): Works on the development and testing of adhesive products.

Chemical Process Technician (Entry Level): Operates and maintains equipment used in chemical processes.

Inorganic Chemist (Entry Level): Focuses on the study of inorganic compounds and their properties.

Cosmetic Chemist (Entry Level): Develops and tests cosmetic products, including skincare and makeup.

Flavor and Fragrance Technician (Entry Level): Assists in the development and testing of flavors and fragrances used in food and consumer products.

Actuarial Assistant (Entry Level): Assists actuaries in analyzing financial risks and creating insurance policies and pension plans.

Data Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes data to provide insights and support decision-making in various industries, such as finance, healthcare, and marketing.

Statistical Analyst (Entry Level): Assists in statistical analysis, data interpretation, and reporting for research or business purposes.

Research Assistant (Mathematics): Provides support to mathematicians and researchers in conducting experiments, data collection, and analysis.

Math Tutor (Entry Level): Offers tutoring services to students in need of math assistance, often in educational settings.

Operations Analyst (Entry Level): Helps optimize business processes and workflow efficiency through data analysis and modeling.

Risk Analyst (Entry Level): Assists in identifying and managing financial risks, such as market risk and credit risk.

Inventory Analyst (Entry Level): Focuses on managing inventory levels, analyzing demand trends, and optimizing supply chain processes.

Financial Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes financial data, prepares reports, and supports financial decision-making for organizations.

Market Research Analyst (Entry Level): Studies market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive intelligence to provide insights for businesses.

Credit Analyst (Entry Level): Evaluates credit applications, conducts credit checks, and assesses creditworthiness of individuals or businesses.

Quantitative Analyst (Quant) Trainee: Part of a training program to develop skills in quantitative analysis and mathematical modeling.

Business Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes business processes, identifies areas for improvement, and provides recommendations for efficiency.

Mathematical Modeling Specialist (Entry Level): Focuses on creating mathematical models to solve complex problems in various industries.

Healthcare Data Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes healthcare data to assess patient outcomes, treatment effectiveness, and healthcare costs.

Research Coordinator (Mathematics): Supports research projects by coordinating data collection, analysis, and documentation.

Marketing Analyst (Entry Level): Assists in marketing research, data analysis, and campaign performance assessment.

Pricing Analyst (Entry Level): Assists in pricing strategies and analysis, often in retail or financial services industries.

Financial Planner Assistant (Entry Level): Aids financial planners in creating financial plans, managing portfolios, and conducting research.

Data Entry Analyst (Mathematics): Focuses on accurate data entry and database management for mathematical and statistical projects.

Technical Support Analyst (Entry Level): Provides technical support and assistance related to mathematical software and tools.

Market Data Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes market data and trends to support investment decisions in financial markets.

Math Curriculum Developer (Entry Level): Assists in developing educational materials and curriculum for mathematics programs.

Claims Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes insurance claims data to determine validity and process claims.

Educational Testing Specialist (Entry Level): Assists in the administration and scoring of standardized mathematics tests.

Research Assistant (Neuroscience): Supports neuroscientists and researchers in conducting experiments, data collection, and lab maintenance.

Neuroscience Technician (Entry Level): Assists in neuroscience research by preparing samples, conducting tests, and maintaining lab equipment.

Clinical Research Coordinator (Neuroscience): Coordinates clinical trials and research studies in neuroscience, ensuring compliance with protocols.

Neurology Technician (Entry Level): Supports neurologists in diagnostic procedures, such as EEG (electroencephalogram) testing.

Neuroscience Data Analyst (Entry Level): Analyzes neuroscience data sets and assists in data interpretation.

Behavioral Technician (Entry Level): Conducts behavioral experiments and observations, often in psychology or neuroscience research.

Neuroimaging Technician (Entry Level): Operates neuroimaging equipment (e.g., MRI or fMRI) and assists in image analysis.

Neuroscience Lab Assistant (Entry Level): Provides general laboratory support, including sample preparation and equipment maintenance.

Clinical Neuroscience Technician (Entry Level): Assists in patient care and data collection in clinical settings, such as hospitals or clinics.

Neuroscience Research Associate (Entry Level): Conducts research experiments and data collection in collaboration with senior researchers.

Research Technician (Neuroscience): Performs experiments, conducts literature reviews, and assists in data analysis for neuroscience projects.

Brain Research Assistant (Entry Level): Supports brain research studies by assisting with data collection, participant recruitment, and documentation.

Neuroscience Intern: An internship position that offers exposure to various aspects of neuroscience research and data analysis.

Neuroscience Outreach Coordinator (Entry Level): Organizes educational and outreach programs to promote awareness of neuroscience.

Neuroscience Clinical Trials Assistant (Entry Level): Aids in the administration and coordination of clinical trials related to neurological disorders.

Neuroscience Teaching Assistant (Entry Level): Assists professors or instructors in neuroscience courses by grading assignments and providing support to students.

Neuroscience Lab Technician (Entry Level): Assists in managing laboratory resources, reagents, and equipment in a neuroscience lab.

Neuropharmacology Research Assistant (Entry Level): Supports research focused on the effects of drugs on the nervous system.

Neuroscience Outreach Specialist (Entry Level): Promotes neuroscience education and awareness through community events and programs.

Neuroscience Data Entry Specialist (Entry Level): Focuses on data entry and database management for neuroscience research projects.

Neuroscience Program Coordinator (Entry Level): Assists in organizing and managing neuroscience programs or events.

Neuroscience Laboratory Technician Trainee: Part of a training program to learn laboratory techniques and procedures specific to neuroscience.

Neuroscience Imaging Research Assistant (Entry Level): Assists in neuroimaging research projects, including data collection and analysis.

Neuroscience Technician Aide (Entry Level): Provides basic assistance to neuroscience technicians and researchers.

Registered Nurse (RN): Provides direct patient care, administers medications, and collaborates with healthcare teams.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN): Provides basic nursing care under the supervision of an RN or physician.

Nurse Practitioner (NP): Diagnoses and treats patients, prescribes medications, and may have specialized areas of practice.

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM): Provides prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum care to women.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA): Administers anesthesia during surgical procedures.

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS): Specializes in a specific area of nursing, such as pediatrics or critical care, and provides expertise and consultation.

Nurse Manager: Oversees nursing staff, patient care units, and administrative tasks within a healthcare facility.

Charge Nurse: Manages a specific unit or shift, ensuring patient care and staffing needs are met.

Staff Nurse: Provides direct patient care on a hospital floor or in a clinical setting.

Emergency Room Nurse: Specializes in providing care to patients in emergency situations.

Operating Room Nurse (Perioperative Nurse): Assists during surgeries, ensuring patient safety and sterile conditions.

Pediatric Nurse: Cares for infants, children, and adolescents in various healthcare settings.

Geriatric Nurse: Specializes in caring for elderly patients, often in long-term care facilities.

Psychiatric Nurse: Provides mental health care, including assessment, counseling, and medication management.

Oncology Nurse: Specializes in caring for cancer patients, offering treatment support and symptom management.

Neonatal Nurse: Cares for premature or critically ill newborns in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs).

Home Health Nurse: Provides nursing care to patients in their homes, often for those with chronic illnesses or recovering from surgery.

Hospice Nurse: Offers end-of-life care and support to patients and their families.

School Nurse: Works in educational settings to provide healthcare to students, manage health programs, and address health-related issues.

Public Health Nurse: Focuses on promoting community health, conducting health assessments, and providing education and preventive care.

Travel Nurse: Works as a temporary nurse in various locations and healthcare settings.

Forensic Nurse: Assists in collecting evidence in cases of sexual assault and abuse.

Rehabilitation Nurse: Cares for patients recovering from injuries or surgeries, helping them regain independence.

Case Manager (Nurse Case Manager): Coordinates healthcare services for patients, often in managed care or insurance settings.

Infection Control Nurse: Monitors and prevents the spread of infections within healthcare facilities.

Wound Care Nurse: Specializes in wound management and care for patients with complex wounds.

Diabetes Nurse Educator: Teaches patients with diabetes how to manage their condition and make lifestyle changes.

Pain Management Nurse: Assists patients in managing chronic pain and may work in pain clinics.

Telehealth Nurse: Provides healthcare services remotely via phone or video conferencing.

Legal Nurse Consultant: Offers nursing expertise in legal cases, assisting with medical-legal issues.

Students are placed in clinical rotations throughout the Greater Boston Area

Social Services Assistant (Entry Level): Provides support to social workers and case managers in assisting clients with social and emotional needs.

Human Services Technician (Entry Level): Works directly with clients to provide assistance, support, and resources for various social issues.

Community Outreach Worker (Entry Level): Engages with community members to connect them with social services and resources.

Youth Counselor (Entry Level): Provides counseling and support to at-risk youth in residential or community settings.

Case Aide (Entry Level): Assists social workers and case managers with administrative tasks and client support.

Family Support Specialist (Entry Level): Supports families in accessing resources and services to address challenges and improve well-being.

Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant (Entry Level): Assists certified counselors in providing addiction treatment and support.

Mental Health Technician (Entry Level): Works in mental health facilities to support patients with their daily activities and treatment plans.

Group Home Worker (Entry Level): Cares for individuals with developmental disabilities or mental health issues in group home settings.

Rehabilitation Assistant (Entry Level): Helps individuals with disabilities develop skills for independent living and employment.

Youth Program Coordinator (Entry Level): Organizes and leads programs and activities for youth in community or nonprofit organizations.

Residential Counselor (Entry Level): Provides support and supervision to individuals in residential treatment programs.

Community Health Worker (Entry Level): Promotes health and wellness within communities and helps individuals access healthcare resources.

Intake Coordinator (Entry Level): Manages the initial assessment and intake process for clients seeking services.

Employment Specialist (Entry Level): Assists individuals in finding and maintaining employment, often in vocational rehabilitation settings.

Advocate (Entry Level): Represents and supports clients in legal, healthcare, or social service settings.

Home Visitor (Entry Level): Provides home-based support and education to families, particularly those with young children.

Life Skills Coach (Entry Level): Teaches essential life skills to individuals with disabilities or those in need of independent living support.

Child Welfare Case Assistant (Entry Level): Assists child protective services workers with case management and documentation.

Crisis Helpline Operator (Entry Level): Provides support and crisis intervention over the phone or through online platforms.

Community Organizer (Entry Level): Mobilizes communities around social issues and advocates for positive change.

Volunteer Coordinator (Entry Level): Recruits, trains, and manages volunteers for nonprofit and community organizations.

Public Health Assistant (Entry Level): Supports public health initiatives and outreach efforts to improve community health.

Disaster Relief Worker (Entry Level): Assists in disaster response and recovery efforts, often through nonprofit or government organizations.

Family Advocate (Entry Level): Supports families in crisis or transition by connecting them with resources and services.

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