The McCafferty Career Center is a safe space committed to supporting LGBTQIA+ students, welcoming intersecting identities and respecting pronouns while also having conversations about how that might impact your future work or professional development. Learn more about our LGBTQIA+ resources and allies below!

  • LGBT Connect – Experienced job-board for corporate recruiters who are seeking experienced diverse candidates
  • NovoResume – A guide to provide the LGBTQ+ community with job search resources and tips to identify companies that promote inclusion
  • TransWork – employment opportunities for the transgender community
  • PinkJobs – LGBTQ-friendly job board
  • Human Rights Campaign – Board to find jobs, internships & fellowships

Frequently Asked Questions

What name should I use on my resume? Use your preferred name so employers know how to address you. You can write your name in a few ways such as: Emma “Halo” Saint | E. “Halo” Saint |Halo Saint. In addition, under you name, you can add your pronouns which are typically italicized like so: She, Her, Hers | He, Him, His | They, Their, Theirs

My official name change has not yet gone through, when do I need to use my legal name? Legal names are needed for background checks, I9’s and health insurance forms. (For your health insurance, speak with your doctor on how to complete the gender section). Once your name change is official, you may need to provide new copies of your license/social security card/passport to HR. HR is required to maintain confidentiality. You can ask that your preferred name is used for your company email and phone directory.

Should I list jobs I had before my transition? Yes! You have great skills from your previous experiences. Having a previous job on your resume does not give permission to your new employer to call them, however they may ask if they can call to do an employment check. You can give them the name and number of a previous coworker or supervisor you trust. Or, you can confide in your new HR manager on why you do not want that employer called.

How should I handle giving references? Use references you trust. They can be coworkers, managers or peers. References cannot be friends or family members. If you have transitioned after leaving a job and would like to use a reference from there, reach out to the reference to talk about your new name and pronouns. Another option would be to let the HR manager know to speak to your reference using your previous name and pronouns. Make sure to clarify which name/pronouns to use with each reference.

Should I talk about my transition in the application or during the interview? That is a personal decision. Based on the employer and the type of job you are going for may determine your level of comfort in talking about your transition.

What if the interviewer asks me an uncomfortable question? Some questions are illegal to ask an applicant including sex, sexual orientation and gender identity. Here is a more in-depth look at legal vs illegal questions.  Your Career Advisor can conduct a mock interview so you know how to handle an uncomfortable question.

How can I find accepting employers? Check out the Human Rights Campaign for a list of companies dedicated to inclusivity.  In addition, you can check out a company’s mission and vision, their anti-discrimination policies (which should include gender identity, sexual orientation, genderless bathrooms and commitment to diversity). Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index

I’m currently in a job and am starting my transition. Disclose as you feel comfortable doing so. There is no one right or wrong way to take this on. Ideally, you will find support and inclusion at your current place of work.  Here are some resources just in case: Transgender Law Center,  GLAD Workplace Laws – MassachusettsTrans Work

Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: 617-975-9104 | cdi@mahoneybemmanuel-edu

OUTspoken: Emmanuel College OUTspoken is a club dedicated to providing a safe and open space for LGBTQ+ members and allies of the Emmanuel Community through the thoughtful discussion of LGBTQ+ topics and current events, planning and managing LGBTQ+ themed events on campus, and by fostering a place for any LGBTQ+ student to be themselves without fear of judgment. Emmanuel College OUTspoken shall strive to uphold the values of Emmanuel College while striving to better the college for those who identify within the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.


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