Senior year can be both exciting and daunting. You may have a clear idea of your post-graduation plans, or you may still be struggling to choose a path. The McCafferty Career Center is here to support you in either stage.

Most majors require an internship in the senior year. The McCafferty Career Center can help you to develop an internship search strategy and help you to identify potential internship sites. It is recommended that you meet with your Career Advisor a full semester in advance to plan your internship search.

The McCafferty Career Center holds multiple recruiting events throughout the year. Students should also consider attending one of the many off-campus events held within the City of Boston.

Crafting an industry tailored job search plan is a critical step in gaining employment. A productive job search plan will include a timeline for applications (based on industry), list of job specific job boards, guide on networking, and more. Work with your Career Advisor in the fall semester to plan for your spring job search.

The McCafferty Career Center recommends that you meet with your Career Advisor to update your résumé and plan your job search. If you are unsure of the type of work you would like to pursue after graduation, use your time with your Career Advisor to reflect on your interests and experience in order to develop a plan for after graduation.