“I learned that preparing for an interview isn’t just about having a plan for how to answer the question; it’s about knowing yourself well enough that you can answer anything they ask.”
– INT 1001 First Year Student

INT1001 – Career Planning + Engagement

Career Planning + Engagement is a required First Year course designed to prepare students for the undergraduate internship search process. INT1001 is a required course for internships at Emmanuel College.

Students in this course will be introduced to the topic of career development and will develop the skills necessary to search for a future internship. Students will use the MBTI and Focus Assessment to build a foundational knowledge of themselves and their unique attributes. Students will then learn how to highlight those attributes in a resume and discuss them in an interview.

Students will have the opportunity to hear directly from employers. During Week 4 an employer panel will present to students and offer advice for searching and succeeding in an internship. The final class will include a one-on-one resume consultation with a career professional. Students will leave this class with a plan for the next step of their career development.

Career Planning + Engagement meets once per week for the first 5 weeks of the spring semester. Classes are held in the Library Lecture Hall (LLH) and are taught by professionals from the Career Center.

Students will learn how to effectively engage in the internship search process. By the end of this class, students will have a greater understanding of themselves and how to promote their positive attributes to an employer through both a resume and interview. Students will leave this class with an understanding of the next steps they need to take to prepare for the internship search process and a plan for doing so.

By the end of this class, students will…

  • be able to identify the stages of a job/internship search
  • be able to name three of their strengths, one weakness, their MBTI personality type, and an accomplishment from their past that showcases their skills. Students will be able to discuss these attributes with an employer in a mock interview setting.
  • Students will be able to identify the Career Center’s philosophy on resume writing (define SAINTS), the components of an effective resume, and common mistakes to avoid.
  • Student will be able to answer the following interview questions in a way that showcases their competitive attributes: “Tell me about yourself,” “Describe your strengths,” “What is a weakness you have,” and “tell us about an accomplishment you’ve had recently…”
  • Students will be able to identify the next steps they will take in their process of obtaining an internship and will be able to describe a plan of action, which includes both long and short term goals. 

Professional staff from the McCafferty Career Center teach each section of the INT1001 course. In addition to professional staff, student Career Guides help to facilitate each class and manage classroom behavior. They also help to support the instructors with grading and are available to meet with students outside of class time.

This class is a 0 credit Pass/fail class. In order to achieve a passing grade, student must earn a total of 175 points. Points are awarded as follows: Attendance at all 5 LLH classes (100), Focus Portfolio (25), Resume Review (25), video mock interview (25), Career Plan of Action (25).

  • Understanding your strengths, values, skills and more.
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Interviewing Skills
  • The Supervisor’s Perspective (a moderated panel of internship supervisors)
  • Creating a Career Plan of Action

INT1010 – Independent Internship

INT1010 provides a 0-credit structure and documentation of a student’s internship experience that is outside of the academic program requirements. INT1010 was created to provide students with an option for internship employers who require an academic affiliation for the internship experience. This course is offered at no cost to students and is graded P/F. To participate in INT1010 Independent Internship, students must have completed the required First Year INT1001 Career Planning + Engagement Course.

This is an online course, with all course materials and assignments posted in ECLearn. Individual appointments with the course instructor are not mandatory; however, students may schedule an in-person or phone/video meeting at any time. Learning goals are determined by each student in order to maximize their personal internship experience.

HireSaints Internship Information Sheet; Learning Agreement; Mid-semester check-in; Final Reflection; Program Evaluation; Self-Evaluation; Supervisor Evaluation; Weekly Hours and Activities Log

Can a student use INT1010 for Emmanuel’s Internship Requirement?
Students in majors that do not require an internship course may use INT1010 Independent Internship to fulfill Emmanuel’s internship requirement.

Can our department use INT1010 to fill a need in the department?

Departments may choose to use INT1010 to fill an academic need in the department. In those instances, it is recommended that a separate section of INT1010 is created and taught by faculty within the department. Feel free to consult with the Career Center to determine if INT1010 is the right solution for your department’s specific needs.

Can a student take the course more than once?

Yes. INT1010 is a 0-credit course and can be taken more than once.

The internship site is requiring that a student is enrolled in an internship course, but they are not yet eligible to take the department’s internship course, can they take INT1010?

Yes. INT1010 generally satisfies an internship site requirement of students being enrolled in a course. The student should verify this with the internship site. 

Is this course offered in the summer?

Yes. INT1010 is offered in the summer, fall, and spring terms.

How many hours should a student complete at the internship site?

The INT1010 Independent Internship course is a 0-credit course and requires a minimum of 60 hours. Student may work more than 60 hours.

Does the internship need to be paid or unpaid?

Internships can be paid or unpaid. Compensation is determined by the employer.

How do students register for the course?

Students can register for INT1010 through the academic course selection and registration process.

I learned how to do an interview. If I went to an interview before having taken this class, I would have been blindsided and done very poorly. I found it to be very helpful. I did an interview two days after we spent time in class learning about interviews, and I got the position I was looking for! After getting that position, I then had to interview my peers for another position that opened up, and I could tell that over half of the people we interviewed used tips and techniques we had learned in this class. Overall this is a very good experience for those who choose to make the most of it.
– INT 1001 First Year Student