Professional Pathways Program Celebration

On August 8th, the McCafferty Career Center, along with students and internship employers, celebrated the conclusion of the first Professional Pathways Program.

This past summer, 5 non-profit organizations hosted 8 students in internships across the city. Students held positions at Catholic Charities, AIDS Action Committee, Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), Sociedad Latina, and the Fenway Community Center. In addition to participating in the day-to-day work of the internship, students were enrolled in a professional development course designed to assist students in developing critical professional development skills. Students participated in informational interviews, networking, and learned about workplace success factors. For the participation in the program, students received a $1500 stipend, made possible through the Yawkey Foundation, and had the option to live on campus.

Student Participant Feedback on the Professional Pathways Program:

“The Professional Pathways Program allows you to open your eyes to new opportunities, teaches valuable life and workplace lessons and skills, allows you to broaden your social network, and learn about what you are or aren’t looking for in a possible future career. Emmanuel has so many different programs to take advantage of, but after my experience this summer, I can comfortably say that this is one of the best programs I have heard about and definitely one that other students should look into getting involved in.” – Student Participant #1

“I would recommend this program to another student because I feel like it just really shows you what connections can do for you. Within this organization, I was able to make connections with other people and I have that for a lifetime. I also think it’s good just to build professional skills and learn to be better at time management, work readiness, being punctual, and working with others.” – Student Participant #2

“The Professional Pathways Program was extremely beneficial for my personal growth and my career growth. I believe that I developed workplace skills and life skills that will continue to improve my overall capability and my assets for future jobs or future career paths.” – Student Participant #3

By Elizabeth Deren
Elizabeth Deren Director of Career and Professional Development