McCafferty Career Center Launches Career Everywhere Training

The McCafferty Career Center invited student employment supervisors to attend three trainings last week on the Career Everywhere movement and the impact of student employment on a student’s career and professional development. The Career Everywhere movement seeks to build a campus culture of career readiness by embedding career resources across campus.

Over three trainings, the group discussed the following topics:

Career Everywhere and the Student Employment Impact, Tuesday
In this session, we will introduce the concept of Career Everywhere, while focusing on the stages of undergraduate career development and the role that student employment plays in a student’s professional development.

McCafferty Career Center support and resources for students – Introducing CareerConnect
In this session, we will discuss the launch of Career Connect and how it is transforming the way students access career support.

Luncheon: What does this mean to me?
In our final session, we will celebrate the program conclusion over lunch while having an open discussion on putting theory to practice and what Career Everywhere might look like in your areas. Also, in attendance will be staff members who participated in the training this past fall.

The McCafferty Career Center plans to offer these trainings each semester. If you are interested in attending, please email Liz Deren at

By Elizabeth Deren
Elizabeth Deren Director of Career and Professional Development