Networking is the process of building and maintaining relationships with people for mutual benefit in personal and professional contexts.

It involves connecting with others to exchange information, support, and opportunities that can help individuals achieve their goals.

This is usually done through professional development or an event or introductions from other connections.

Some of your connections right now may include: Advisors, Friends/Peers, Family, Family friends, Professors and even neighbors!

Did you know most opportunities are landed through someone you know?

“It’s not what you know but who you know”

  • Many jobs are filled through networking!
  • Networking helps develop + improve your elevator pitch, interviewing skills and job search
  • Networking provides insight on different career options, the industry or job you want
  • Helps build your mutually beneficial professional progress/relationships
    • Two way street: How can you help other people & how can other people help you?
    • Long term, life long connections
  • Opportunities
    • First to know about jobs that aren’t published/advertised yet
    • Referrals for opportunities

  • Building relationships & maintaining those relationships
    • Check in via email, letter, coffee (stay in touch)

  • LinkedIn is professional networking
    • Join & use LinkedIn to expand and connect

  • Join professional associations w/in your industry

  • Attend events: Career fairs, career or professional events & conferences

  • Reach out, introduce yourself
    • Use your elevator pitch
    • Write a personalized message on LinkedIn when connecting

  • Start with who you know (make a list)

Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch earns its name from the point that it should take you the same amount of time it would take to ride in an elevator to sell yourself to the employer.

It is a 30-60 second opportunity to promote and summarize your qualifications and ambitions, who you are and why the person you are speaking with should take an interest.

It only takes a few seconds for someone to form an opinion about you so when you are communicating with employers you want to make your best first impression.

This is because it will…

  • Get you into the habit of introducing yourself!
  • Help build effective communication skills 
  • Practice can build self confidence 
  • Provide you with more opportunities 
  • Build your network and reputation in the industry
  • Help you advocate and get comfortable talking about yourself

Start with what you do

  • Introduce yourself with your name and what it is you do (student/intern/job title)
  • What is your most recent, relevant role/projects?
  • What is one accomplishment you are proud of? 
  • What are some key takeaways/results you want to highlight? 

Be authentic – what can you do for the employer?

  • Why are you the right fit for this?
  • What unique background or skills could you bring to benefit the company/role?

Leave them wanting more!

  • What is your objective/end goal?
  • What do you want to get out of this?
  • Leave them with a way to contact you

  • Keep your pitch 30-60 seconds 
  • You do not want to sound like an auctioneer!
  • You also do not want to sound rehearsed or robotic
  • Try to stay personable and focused in the moment
  • Keep it conversational and show your enthusiasm  
  • You do not need to be talking at the employer the entire time
  • Ask questions or keep it open ended for them to respond 
  • Practice, practice, practice! 
  • Use this at networking events, on the train, really anywhere!


LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals to showcase their experience, skills and network digitally.

It is a great tool for building your network and connections.

Consider creating a LinkedIn if you’re ready to connect with professionals and are searching for opportunities.

Junior and Senior year tend to be the most beneficial and recommended time to utilize LinkedIn.

You can also find people to conduct informational interviews with on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Informational Interviewing here.


  • It will help your chances as your profile is being viewed by hiring managers.
  • A headshot or taken from the waist up, a professional, high quality photo of yourself.
  • Use a plain background or take the photo in a professional setting.
  • Sell yourself! Help give people a short idea about your current experience.


  • If you are a student be creative, don’t just use “student” as your title.
  • Ex: “Recent honors grad seeking marketing position.”
  • Use your internship title “Marketing Intern for UPS”.
  • Check out the profiles of mentors or recent alums for ideas and inspiration.


  • Your high school info may be included if you want to keep connections.
  • This section is truly for your higher education, certificates and degrees.
  • Include information about each institution you have earned a degree from.
  • Include clubs, sports, study abroad or service experiences you were a part of.
  • If your GPA is a 3.0 or higher you may include that as well.


  • Help employers or hiring managers get to know more about you.
  • Be clear and concise about your goals and qualifications.
  • Present your summary in short sections for easy reading.
  • It shouldn’t be too long and bullet points are great, too.
  • Add your contact info, social media handles, blogs/websites if they are professional.


  • Share any work you can showcase: Major projects including media (videos, photos, radio clips), designs, published articles, certifications
  • Include your social media handles IF and only if they are professional.


  • Start off as an online timeline of all of your jobs (babysitter/nanny, tutor, sales clerk) whatever it may be UNTIL you gain enough experience within your industry to solely list that experience.
  • You may copy and paste from your resume or leave employers guessing by just providing your place of work, position/title, 2 or 3 bullets and the dates worked.


  • Update your status as often as possible. Like, share, write and publish articles.
  • This will help boost your profile ranking.
  • LinkedIn keeps track of who views your profile, how many times you publish, like, or share things.
  • Log in often and stay involved to stay on the radar of your connections.


  • Had a positive experience? Follow the company’s group on LinkedIn.
  • Request to be a member of your alumni group from your past INSTITUTION.
  • Following or joining groups will give your profile badges.
  • You also want to join professional associations of the career you desire
  • Connect with others who have common interests in your career path.
  • Group members may post helpful articles, videos, questions about the industry and sometimes even job opportunities.


  • This is probably THE most important aspect of your profile! Why? Because this builds credibility. Nothing builds credibility like third-party endorsements to validate your qualifications.
  • The most impressive LinkedIn profiles have at least one recommendation associated with each position a person has held.
  • Ask in a polite and professional way: Professors, internship coordinators, colleagues, employers, and professional mentors.
  • Request a recommendation upon transition if you’re leaving a job.
  • Return the favor! 


  • Your URL for LinkedIn originally is very long and includes random numbers or letters
  • Consider shortening it and create your own unique LinkedIn URL (on the left side of your profile click Edit Public URL)
  • Ex:
  • Include in email signatures, on resumes, cover letters and reference sheets.


  • Let employers, recruiters and your network know!
  • Click “Open to” under your profile picture to edit your preferences: location, industry & your level of expertise

Note: If employers see you’re searching so can your current employer

Your summary should be unique and strong, consider taking a look at other professionals who have a career you’re interested in to use for inspirationaries include.

Similar to resume and cover letters the recruiter or employer will only spend a few seconds reading your summary so include the most important information first.

Consider the questions below while you craft or improve your own:

  • What is your dream job? Where are you headed?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What are some of your skills, strengths, and talents?
  • What are some of your interests, values & personal traits?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What can you bring to a team that might be different from other candidates or team members?
  • How would colleagues or clients describe you?
  • Who is your audience/customer? 
  • What have you recently or are you currently working on?
  • What are your next steps? What are you currently heading towards or looking for?

I am passionate about leveraging data-driven strategies and creative thinking to drive brand growth and customer engagement. My academic journey equipped me with a solid foundation in digital marketing, market research, and consumer behavior, complemented by hands-on experience through internships and projects.

During my internship at [Company], I developed and executed social media campaigns that increased engagement by 30% and contributed to a 15% rise in website traffic. I also assisted in conducting market research that provided actionable insights, helping the team to fine-tune our marketing strategies.

I thrive in fast-paced environments and am always eager to learn and adapt to new challenges. My goal is to join a dynamic team where I can apply my skills, contribute to meaningful projects, and continue to grow as a marketing professional.

I am a ready to embark on a career in financial analysis and planning. My academic background, combined with my practical experience, has prepared me well for the dynamic world of finance.

My internship allowed me to apply my knowledge in a real-world setting, where I assisted in preparing financial reports, conducted market analysis, and supported the team in developing investment strategies.

I am detail-oriented, analytical, and possess strong quantitative skills. I am seeking an opportunity to join a reputable financial institution where I can contribute to financial planning and analysis efforts, while continuing to grow professionally in the field.

I am passionate about creating visually compelling designs that tell a story and engage audiences. My academic background, coupled with hands-on experience, has equipped me with a diverse skill set in graphic design, including proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, typography, and branding.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to design marketing materials, websites, and social media graphics that helped enhance the company’s visual identity. I collaborated closely with the marketing team to create cohesive and effective design solutions that increased brand visibility and user engagement.

I am eager to join a creative team where I can contribute my skills and continue to grow as a designer. I am particularly interested in roles that offer opportunities for innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.

I am passionate about contributing to meaningful change through policy development and advocacy. I am seeking opportunities to work with organizations focused on social justice, public policy, or international relations, where I can apply my skills and knowledge.

During my time at Emmanuel College, I participated in a research project that examined the impact of electoral reforms on voter turnout, which was later published in a reputable journal.

My academic journey has prepared me to analyze and engage with complex political issues while my internship allowed me to assist in policy analysis and advocacy efforts, providing me with practical experience in the political arena where I developed a deep understanding of political systems, international relations, and public policy.

I am dedicated to understanding and addressing the complexities of crime and justice. My academic background, combined with field experiences, has prepared me to contribute to the field of criminal justice with a strong ethical foundation and analytical skills.

During my internship at [Agency], I assisted with case research, data analysis, and community outreach programs aimed at crime prevention. I also volunteered with [Organization], where I supported rehabilitation programs for offenders, gaining insights into restorative justice practices.

I am driven by a commitment to justice and community safety. I am looking to join a criminal justice organization or law enforcement agency where I can utilize my skills to support public safety initiatives and contribute to effective justice system practices.

I am passionate about crafting compelling messages and engaging with diverse audiences. My academic training, coupled with practical experience, has provided me with a strong foundation in public relations, media relations, and digital communication.

During my internship at [Company], I contributed to the development and execution of communication strategies that enhanced the company’s public image and stakeholder engagement. I also managed social media accounts, created content, and assisted in organizing events that fostered community relations.

I am eager to bring my creativity and strategic thinking to a dynamic communications team. I am particularly interested in roles that offer opportunities for storytelling, media relations, and brand communication.

I am committed to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment for students. My academic training, combined with practical teaching experience, has prepared me to inspire and support students in their educational journeys.

During my student teaching at [School], I developed and implemented lesson plans that catered to diverse learning styles and needs. I also utilized technology and innovative teaching methods to engage students and enhance their learning experience. My volunteer work with [Organization] further solidified my commitment to educational equity and community involvement.

I am passionate about creating a supportive and dynamic classroom environment where every student can thrive. I am looking to join a dedicated educational team where I can contribute to student development and continue to grow as an educator.

I am passionate about the power of words and storytelling. I am seeking opportunities in the publishing industry or related fields where I can contribute my editorial skills and continue to support the creation and dissemination of impactful content.

As Editor for the campus literary magazine, I managed submissions, edited content, and coordinated with writers to ensure high-quality publications. My internship at [Publishing House] provided hands-on experience in the publishing industry, where I assisted in manuscript editing, proofreading, and marketing of new titles.

I’m a senior Management major at Emmanuel College. I interned last summer for XYZ Company in the Human Resources department and gained both the skills and interest in pursuing HR as a career.  I really enjoyed learning about employee benefits and was involved in the administrative process of helping the Company transition to a new retirement plan.

I am looking for another internship opportunity before I graduate where I can learn more about another side of Human Resources I am interested in, Talent Acquisition. I look forward to bringing the skills I learned in this past internship to another area within this department I am so passionate about.

I am a Junior Biology Major at Emmanuel College seeking a summer 2024 internship in microbiology or oncology research.

My previous experience includes being a Biology and Organic Chemistry Laboratory Assistant at Emmanuel College where I trained students to use aseptic technique and maintained the lab while monitoring lab procedures.

I have also been a food server at Yard House. Through these experiences I have developed key skills in attention to detail, organization skills, and time management.

I’m a senior Psychology major at Emmanuel College. Last semester, I was selected to be a Radical Hope Group Facilitator for a program founded by the RADical Hope Foundation. I was able to support First Year students as they navigate higher education, independent living, community engagement, and more by providing them with resources, life skills, and a safe space for open discussion.

Through this experience as well as taking various courses in child development I have gained an increased interest in working with high school aged students and helping them with their transition to their future which is why I am seeking an opportunity in child care upon graduation.

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