McCafferty Internship Stipend Recipients, Fall 2023

Each semester the McCafferty Career Center awards a limited number of internship stipends to students who are completing unpaid, off-campus internships. Six students were selected this semester from a variety of majors interning in a wide range of internship sites.

Ryan Arisian ’24, Marketing
Simmons University, Athletics Social Media Content Intern

“This internship will showcase my professional as well as Marketing skills and further develop these skills through Marketing projects and by working with my supervisor. This internship allows me to focus on Social Media Marketing which is what I am interested in and I hope to find a full time job after college that works on Social Media Marketing.”

Diana Contreras ’24, Biology
McLean Hospital, Medical Assistant Intern

“My future career goal is to become an OB/GYN and I have always shadowed and worked in fertility departments showing the clinical care for women, but I never realized that mental health plays a role with pregnancy and motherhood until I was exposed to this program. Many of these patients have gone through trauma that affected their pregnancy, birth, and their role as mothers and this internship will expose me to new information and experiences that go behind the scenes.”

Trish Dinh ’24, History
Massachusetts State House, Legislative Internship

“I hope to gain more knowledge and understanding of the impacts and work of local and federal government. I am interested in working in government and politics to serve minority groups and raise awareness to local communities who do not have the opportunities to express their needs and wishes.”

Alyssa French-Graham ’24, Writing, Editing, and Publishing
Harvard University, Athletics Communications Intern

“As my goal is to become the Athletic Communications Director of a College, during my post graduate career, this internship will lay the foundation that will help better my understanding of Athletics, and the technical process of athletic communications.”

Catherine Hogan ’24, Communication + Media Studies
WHDH Channel 7, Newsroom and Assignment Desk Intern

“I have always had an interest in journalism, especially print. This internship will show me the broadcast side of journalism and I hope to learn more about how stories are pieced together for the news. I would like to be involved in the news in some way as a career, whether writing or broadcasting. I have considered being an on air reporter and this internship will help me decide if I would like to pursue that job.”

Anna Tsisar ’24, Psychology
Somerville High School, School Counselor Intern

“In this internship, I will have to be responsible for reaching out to students and meeting with them one-on-one. I will be helping them along their walk through public schools. Many students come from difficult backgrounds and struggle in school, along with having 504s and needing accommodations. I will be helping them navigate their everyday lives.”

By Elizabeth Deren
Elizabeth Deren Director of Career and Professional Development