Using ChatGPT in your Career Development

ChatGPT is a word predictor, for best results treat it as your “intelligent intern”, use natural language with greetings, context, and specific details.

For example, if you were to say: “Hello, I am interested in applying for an internship in Public Relations. What are some skills needed for an internship in PR?” ChatGPT will offer an answer, make sure to engage and provide it with feedback to further develop the results.

Keep in mind – ChatGPT is not perfect, nor can it predict the future. You will want to review the information it generates, it can hold bias because internet content it may be pulling from is sometimes biased.

Often the hardest part of resume writing is explaining what we do at work. ChatGPT can help generate or improve your statements to make them even stronger and more detailed for the specific role or industry you may be applying to.

We encourage students to explore and take advantage of ChatGPT for this reason. Use ChatGPT in your job and internship search, for interview prep, writing resumes or cover letters and exploring different career paths.

How to use ChatGPT in your Career Development

Cover Letter Writing

Use a draft or your resume and the job description you’re interested in applying to, to help craft a strong cover letter. It should still sound like you so go over the cover letter to make sure the writing style is your own or critique it to make it your own while still conveying the same skills and experiences.

For best results also check out our page on how to write cover letters.

Try it yourself: “Hello, I am applying for a graphic design internship and I need help drafting a cover letter.” Insert job description and resume (with personal and contact info removed).

Interview Prep

ChatGPT can be used in many ways to prep for an interview. It can provide you with real-time feedback, generate questions or answers and help you think about what skills you want to highlight.

Try it yourself: “Hello, I am interviewing for a Graphic Design Internship position, please analyze my resume for strengths as they relate to the position.” Insert job description and resume (with contact and personal info removed).

Follow up: “Can you also provide me with practice interview questions and answers for this role?”

Informational Interviews

ChatGPT can be a great tool for generating questions you may want to ask a mentor or professional in a role you are interested in learning more about.

Try it yourself: “Hello, I am interested in becoming a Graphic Designer. Next week I will be meeting with a Graphic Designer working at Converse. What questions should I ask them to get a better understanding for their role?”

Final Thoughts

As always, do your own research, ChatGPT is not confidential and saves all information input into the system. While this can be helpful to look back on, any personal information shared may be used. We strongly advise against sharing any personal information with the system.

Like any resume and cover letter, each professional document is representing you and may go through an application tracking system (ATS). Remember to proofread professional documents and be ready to talk about any information included with employers.

ChatGPT can remove human emotion or tones so be aware as you are putting together your cover letter and resume. Your passion should show and you still want to stand apart from other candidates. Ensure it reads as you and is unique to you.

When in doubt, check with your Career Advisor. If you’d like to utilize ChatGPT but are unsure how to get started schedule an appointment to review it together.

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