Industry Recruitment Series: Law and Government Recap

On Monday October 16th, the McCafferty Career Center hosted the annual Industry Recruitment Series for Government, Law, and Public Service.

Students in the Public Service, Law + International Relations career community attended the event with twelve different employers including Senator Ed Markey’s Office, Peace Corps Volunteer, International Institute of New England, Fidelity, U.S. Department of Commerce and more.  

One employer said that they had a, “great time engaging with students who were curious and happy to learn more. This was great and I hope to be back again!”

The event was a huge success for students, and all had said that they would encourage a friend or classmate to attend the event.

The Industry Recruitment Series has been a great way for students who are looking for internships or full-time positions and employers that are seeking eager students into their companies to connect with one another. Students and employers have been able to make great connections with each other and feedback from both have been extremely positive.

To see opportunities from this event click here. For upcoming Industry Recruitment in your field of study, please visit the events page on Career Connect for more information.

By Heather Peterson
Heather Peterson