Career development is a process that happens over time. The earlier you begin to engage in career building activities, the more prepared you will be at graduation. Your first year at Emmanuel should be spent engaging with people and resources to lay the foundation for the next four years.

Assessing your skills, interests, personality, and values provides you with insight about yourself that can help you to choose a path of study. The McCafferty Career Center has resources available to help you determine a major.

Career Planning + Engagement is a required First Year course designed to prepare students for the undergraduate career development process.

On-campus employment is an opportunity to not only earn money, but also develop critical workplace skills. All on-campus opportunities require a resume to apply.

It’s never too early to meet with your Career Advisor and we encourage all First Year students to make an appointment during your first year. In your first appointment, your Career Advisor will explain how the two of you will partner over the next 4 years to prepare you for your future career. You can also discuss your interests, goals, and thoughts on a major!