Spring 2024 McCafferty Internship Stipend Recipients

Every Fall & Spring semester, the McCafferty Career Center is able to award $1000 to a select number of students who are participating in un-paid, off-campus internships.

All students are encouraged to apply! To find out more about the McCafferty Stipend eligibility and other funding opportunities, click the link below.

Learn more about this semester’s recipients and their experiences below!

Meet the Spring 2024 Recipients

Rebecca Connors

Marketing ’24, Chelsea Senior Center

Social Media & Relations Intern

“The Chelsea Senior Center designs, implements, promotes and coordinates new and existing health, wellness and nutrition programs for those 50+ in the community to enjoy. With this internship I’m able to explore the field of social media marketing, which is the field I’m interested in. I can apply the skills I’ve learned in previous classes to real-world situations and be able to create content for this company”.

Kyle Dumke

Educational Studies & Developmental Psychology ’25,  James W. Hennigan K-8 School

Administration Intern

“I am very interested in pursuing school administration, so this internship gives me a direct opportunity to gain experience for exactly that. Growing up, I had a positive education experience, which is part of what made me consider pursuing a career in education. As I came to college, I found out that many of my friends had completely different experiences than me, solely because of their gender identity, race/ethnicity, or disability status. As a school with a diverse student body centered around creating an inclusive learning environment where all children have the opportunity to succeed, I think my time at Hennigan and working with its professionals will help me learn more about how to operate a successful and inclusive environment.”

Lily Meola

Art Therapy ’24, West End House Boys & Girls Club

Art Therapy Intern

“West End House is a youth development agency that provides outcome driven programs to youth residing in the most under-invested communities in the city of Boston. As an Art Therapy major, my goal of course it to eventually gain my certification and become a licensed Art Therapist. I feel that my internship site allows me to get a good feel of what it would be like to hold a program and practice mindfulness activities with children.”

Gabriella Moreira

Business Administration ’24, Ironic Music Booking Agency

Social Media and Marketing Intern  

“The organization is an agency that acquires venues for music artists to perform and uses marketing techniques to spread the word about these up-and-coming artists. This internship supports my career exploration because as a business student, opportunities in the career world are very broad and this internship helps me explore if social media and marketing is what I see myself doing in the future. I love music and would love to one day work with artists.”

Jodasha Phlipo

Neuroscience ’24, Anna Bissonnette House

Opening Minds Through Art       

“I work as a student facilitator to support the resident artists with their individual and group creations throughout the art sessions. In the future, I want to specialize in therapy and work with patients dealing with mental and emotional issues. This internship allows me to gain the skills that I can implement in the future. The bonds I have created within the internship also allow me to gain more insight on their struggles with cognitive disorders. This gives me more of a reason to pursue therapy as many people with these issues would need someone to help them work through them.”

By Gina Minnucci
Gina Minnucci Career Content Coordinator